Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love Note to Libraries

A love note to the book trailer of my youth

Dear Book Trailer,

I remember the way your metal sides and portable stairs winked at me in the sunshine inviting me in.  I remember the magic of stepping through the narrow door and being surrounded by colorful spines and the smell of paper.  I remember thinking the librarian the most glamorous person in the world and taking joy in the way she stamped the borrower's card inside the front cover pronouncing the book mine for a time.  I remember the sense of continuity of all the stamps that came before mine.  The shared legacy of reading.  And I remember the day I found my favourite book hidden among the titles and how it changed my life forever.  I remember falling in love with books in that small space, a fantastical world on wheels that landed in the parking lot outside the grocery store once every month and let me discover its secrets for free all the while giving me something that money could never buy.

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