Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A new take on Maudlin Manor

Once upon a time ago
There lived a pair of twins
 Rotten little apples
Stuck their dolls with pins
They looked like little angels
Wrapped in silk and pearls
But they were rotten little devils
Masquerading as little girls
They lived in the house called Maudlin
A family name I suppose
But suited to the children
So very lachrymose
They have a nasty habit
Of staring straight ahead
They may have been alive once
But now they’re very dead
They haunt the Maudlin Manor
Walk the creaky floors
Open up the windows
Slam the wooden doors
Take things that they shouldn’t
And hide them where they can
Walk from room to room
Always holding hands

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Story of Maudlin Manor Pt. 1 - 3

Once on a night of cold regret
As I walked a country road
I met a man who offered a ride
Said that it was warmer inside
Said to get in out of the wet
He’d take me as far as I wanted to go

I looked at the man and took his measure
And he seemed a decent chap
The rain beat down in quick succession
Led me to take his proffered suggestion
I shook his hand and called it a pleasure
And then removed my cap

We drove for a bit in the downpour
And the wipers went to and fro
The night grew deeper around us
The forest began to surround us
I said that I’d been there once before
And I knew where I wanted to go

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Peculiar Playground

a poem in the style of Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies

A is for Alice who wanted to play
B is for Bonnie who sent her away
C is for Cathy who tried to fit in
D is for Doris unspeakably thin
E is for Eli who breaks out in zits
F is for Francis falling in fits
G is for Gary horribly fat
H is for Helen attracted to that
I is for Ina talks through her nose
J is for Jimmy with terrible toes
K is for Kristin caught in the act
L is for Larry who helped her with that
M is for Mary nose in a book
N is for Neville most likely a crook
O is for Owen whose hair is all wrong
P is for Polly whose arms are too long
Q is for Quentin thinks he’s a looker
R is for Ruthie a cult finally took her
S is for Susan too full of her self
T is for Thomas who thinks he’s an elf
U is for Uri constantly stutters
V is for Victor mind in the gutter
W is for Wendy who’s absent alot
X is for Xander who’s here when he’s not
Y is for Ying of foreign exchange
Z is for Zoe just slightly deranged