Monday, April 1, 2013

The Peculiar Playground

a poem in the style of Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies

A is for Alice who wanted to play
B is for Bonnie who sent her away
C is for Cathy who tried to fit in
D is for Doris unspeakably thin
E is for Eli who breaks out in zits
F is for Francis falling in fits
G is for Gary horribly fat
H is for Helen attracted to that
I is for Ina talks through her nose
J is for Jimmy with terrible toes
K is for Kristin caught in the act
L is for Larry who helped her with that
M is for Mary nose in a book
N is for Neville most likely a crook
O is for Owen whose hair is all wrong
P is for Polly whose arms are too long
Q is for Quentin thinks he’s a looker
R is for Ruthie a cult finally took her
S is for Susan too full of her self
T is for Thomas who thinks he’s an elf
U is for Uri constantly stutters
V is for Victor mind in the gutter
W is for Wendy who’s absent alot
X is for Xander who’s here when he’s not
Y is for Ying of foreign exchange
Z is for Zoe just slightly deranged

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