Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Lieu of Flowers

I am sorry for your loss she said
And I was unsure of my response
And so nodded as though inconsolable
Lest she see the mirth behind
The watery eyes
And she must have been convinced
Because she touched my arm and left
The casket lid was propped for viewing
A ritual insane in its design
A corpse in maquillage
Lay still while mourners and other guests
Watch for signs of decay
And comment on how good she looks
To hide their embarrassment
And still I want to laugh
I press a hankie to my face
To stem the flow
Hysteria they think
Sympathetic glances cover me in
Hives and I shake my head and sniff
Someone is singing now
Something about redemption
Atonement and that sort of thing
And suddenly I want to scream
Do you really think it matters now?

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